Proclaiming 2017 "Year of the Bible"

“Peace in a Troubled Land!” 

Freedom, Liberty, Justice for all, and nobleness of character were the hallmarks of the State (Civil Government) at the 1776 founding of our nation. At the same time, reliance on the teachings of the Bible was the hallmark of the nation’s culture. These hallmarks carried our nation to unity and greatness in the ensuing years.  How heartbreakingly sad it is that in these latter years both our State and our culture have abandoned their founding tenets. Clear evidence of the results of this abandonment is provided in the daily news regarding the bitter divisions that are polarizing and polarizing our land today. It is at just such a time as this that the people are searching for peace, but there is no peace! (Jer. 6:14, 8:11) It is in the “peace seeking” vein that Ascension’s Life and Society Committee voice the following plea to our State and to our culture! “Please, please return to your as-founded hallmarks!” 

As Lutherans, we have a distinct State and Church (2 kingdom) understanding. It is based on Christ’s “Give to Caesar that which is Caesars (State)……. And to God that which is God’s” (God’s Church on earth) (Matt. 22:21) In John 18:36 Christ gives us further definition: “My kingdom is not of this world.” Therefore, our Church holds that the State has responsibility for the temporal (earthly) well-being of the State and its citizens while the Church has responsibility for the eternal wellbeing of the soul. In this its foundation through an imposition of Christianity (order of salvation). That would be a violation of Scripture! (John 18:36). We plead for the State to return to its as founded high calling of nobleness of character. (honesty, human dignity, love of others, justice and freedom for all, Matt. 7:12, Luke 6:31, commandments 4-10). Similarly, we plead for the nation’s culture to return to its as founded reliance on the teachings of the Bible for life and salvation! 


Government with an exemplary nobleness of character and an unselfish zeal for the common  good of all! PEACE ON EARTH! Providing fertile soil for… 

Christian Church with an exemplary love of God for all and giving the gracious invitation of the Gospel to all! PEACE WITH GOD! Man’s greatest need! God’s greatest provision! 

Then, once again, may we all in joyful unison proclaim “God bless America” and “Peace like a river attendeth my way!” 

Dear Friend, we prayerfully invite you to join us in this endeavor! We believe our nation needs it, don’t you? 


A proclamation by Ascension Lutheran Church, Waterloo, Iowa, as we take a stand in defense of God’s Word and Name! (1 Chronicles 12:32, Ephesians 6:13-17, 2 Timothy 3:16) 

Whereas, God’s divinely inspired Word, the Bible, (2 Timothy 3:16, 1 Peter 1:20-21) is foundational for our church, and, 

Whereas,  due to its divine inspiration, the Bible possesses inerrancy (John 10:35) and authority (1 Peter 1:25, Psalm 119:105).  It possesses sinner/Savior (Law and Gospel) authority for the Church and Civil (Law and Order) authority for the guidance of the State (Matthew 22:21) and, 

Whereas,  today, the U.S. Government, by its judicial restrictions on placement and use of the Bible in public schools, state colleges and military and government entities, is impeding and impinging on the Church’s free expression of the sinner/Savior (Law and Gospel) authority of the Bible and, 

Whereas, today, the U.S. Government, by its judicial actions sanctioning life venues and relationships which are in violation of the Bible (abortion, homosexuality, same-sex marriage and transgender behavior), has rejected the Civil (Law and Order) authority of the Bible and, 

Whereas, rejection of either the sinner/Savior or the Civil Law authority of the Bible would be unacceptable (Matthew 5:18), the rejection of both authorities is doubly unacceptable for “we must obey God rather than man!” (Acts 5:29) therefore be, 

Resolved, that Ascension Lutheran Church, Waterloo, Iowa, in an effort to initiate a return of our nation to its as-founded acknowledgement of and reliance on the full authority of the Bible, publicly proclaim through all media available “2017 THE YEAR OF THE BIBLE”.  

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